Slim Platform 3.8 Healing Caps buy in חיפה on עברית
    Slim Platform 3.8 Healing Caps buy in חיפה on עברית
    מטבע זר ILS
    Slim Platform 3.8 Healing Caps buy in חיפה on עברית
    לקנות Slim Platform 3.8 Healing Caps
    Slim Platform 3.8 Healing Caps

    Slim Platform 3.8 Healing Caps

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    Our healing caps are made from grade 4 titanium and are designed for coating the implant during recovery.
    a) Product Design:

    Features of our healing caps include:

    • a design that amalgamates with the bone before or after the implant exposure,
    • it merges with the soft tissue after the recovery period in two places,
    • it is suitable for a wide platform of 4.5mm and/or 3.8 mm,
    • the length of the screw is 6 mm and it has a thread of 1-72",
    • it is finished with a round coating head for maximum comfort and fit,
    • there is a 1-72" hexagon at a depth of 1.5 mm at the centre of the healing cap.
    b) Comparable Healing Cap Products
    • A 303 stainless steel piece with cylindrical external configuration. This has three beveled areas and two peripheral slots for retention and prevention of rotation in plaster.
    • The hexagonal internal area fits two types of implant platform; the narrow fitting being 3.8mm and the wide fitting measuring 4.5mm.
    • An analog matching the aesthetic abutment. The body matches the implant in a similar way to that of internal tapping. It has a connection screw of gold coping at its edge. Check our catalog for the diameter sizes available.
    c) An analog matching product, similar to that in the first point but with its upper part fitting the configuration of the plastic conductive abutment Connection Abutments.

    Our connection abutments are madefrom 5 grade titanium and match two platform sizes.

    Connection Abutment Features:

    • it has a hexagonal neck of a conical abutment at a height of 0.5mm, 1.5mm and 2.5 mm,
    • it forms a peripheral shoulder in the conically beveled abutment body at the hexagonal abutment neck level.
    • its internal part matches a XXX long tightening screw with a variable neck diameter,
    • it is fitted to the internal part of the implant, tightening the aesthetic abutment to the implant. The screw head is external to the abutment at a height of 15mm with internal tapping to the screw of the corona connection.
    d) Plastic Heads

    Our dental implant plastic heads are designed for aesthetic Derlin 500 abutments and have inbuilt features to aid both treatment and performance.

    Product Design

    Our titanium implant heads

    • our plastic heads have an internal part which matches the aesthetic abutment,
    • the external part has a small variable diameter as well as a straight cylinder at a variable heights
    • it has a standard screw abutment system.
    • The system matches two implant platforms and is connected to the implant at a height of 1-72 without HEX.
    • the conical abutment neck is at a height of 0.3mm.
    • the body shape is cylindrical with a diameter of 4mm and variable height from 2 to 5 mm.

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    Slim Platform 3.8 Healing Caps
    Slim Platform 3.8 Healing Caps
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