Aluminium profiles, pipes for export buy in גדרה on עברית
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מטבע זר ILS
Aluminium profiles, pipes for export buy in גדרה on עברית
לקנות Aluminium profiles, pipes for export
Aluminium profiles, pipes for export

Aluminium profiles, pipes for export

ציין מחיר מהמוכר
ישראל, גדרה
מאפיינים טכניים
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ZC Aluminum extruded profile is one of our major supplies for machinery, assembly and other purposes.
Lead-Times has developed very close and efficient business
relationship with one of the leading global aluminum extrusion
products manufacturers with the follows extrusion capabilities:
Investment in new extrusion equipment unparallel in the industry today,
marketing widest range of extrusion capabilities including a 125MN
dual action extrusion press - among the largest and most technologically
advanced Design solutions that are unique in the extrusion industry.
For small to medium size extrusions - over 50 extruding presses:

Capability ranges from 500 Ton to 2,750 Ton Circle sizes from 2.5 "to 8".
Wide range of standard and custom shapes, rod, bar, and tube & pipe products
For large profiles, substantial investments in new presses: 3,150Ton,
3,600Ton, 5,500 Ton, 7,500Ton and 12,500 Ton Circle sizes up to 34".
Vertical & horizontal quench & heat treating to produce products
from common alloys to aerospace alloys offers extrusion solutions
not available elsewhere in the industry.




special alloys, non-ferrous metals and semi-finished productsprocessingcenter.
operating in the Czech Republic since 1911, Familyowned company (Rosso Steel) with 120 employees, exporting 60% of production to 25 countries with yearly turnover € 15 million.
Core Business: Production of Nickel and NickelAlloys in Form of Strip in Coils, Sheet, Plate and Rod.
Alloys: Ni 200, Ni 201, Alloy 36, Alloy 42, Alloy 48, Alloy 51, Alloy 52 , Alloy FeNi80Mo4, Alloy Ni29Co17, Alloy FeNi47Cu5, Alloy Ni70Cu30 and Ni80Cr20
Other Products: Alloys CuNi (strip in coils). Alloy CuCrZr (strip in coils sheet & plate). CuSn (phosphor bronze)-rod, tube, strip in coils sheet & plate.
Standards: EN (DIN), ASTM,(BS), GOST
Minimum Quantity: Flat products 100kg. Rod 300kg per dimension.
Product: Strip in Coils, Sheet andPlate
Management of Quality: ISO 9001 2008. ARL on line spectrometry. Mechanical properties. Metallurgicalstructure of materials. Magnetically properties and thermal expansion. Ultrasonictest. Eddy current test.
New Projects andInnovations: Vacuum melting (AOD, VOD) and production of ingots/ castings of super alloys of nickel and cobalt.
Hot worked rods & bars ofnickel super alloys (80, 80A, 625). Cold rolled strip of nickel super alloy (601).
R & D Cooperation: WestBohemian University, Plzeň.

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Aluminium profiles, pipes for export
Aluminium profiles, pipes for export
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